I Don’t Want to Grow Up

In this case, what I really want is for Finnegan to stop growing up so quickly! When your kids are young, everyone warns you to enjoy every minute because of how quickly they grow up.  This warning already resonates with me since time has never seemed to go by so fast. I think it’s because of the constant achievement of new milestones that kids achieve like sitting up and crawling and walking and talking and counting to ten and starting preschool and playing a sport for the first time and something new seemingly everyday that makes the passage of time so obvious.

As I sit here filling out a passport renewal form, I’m realizing that Finnegan has reached yet another milestone. His first passport will expire in less than six months, which means it’s time to apply for passport number two.

How has this little baby (quite possibly the cutest baby in the history of babies in my totally unbiased opinion):

Finnegan Baby Collage

Image Credit: Tea & Brie Photography

Grown into this little boy already?!

Finnegan Collage_4YR

One thing that has not changed this time around is his incredibly awful passport photo. In Finnegan’s baby passport picture, he looked like an Oompa-Loompa. This time around he looks like a criminal and his passport picture will probably be mistaken for a mug shot.

In other recent firsts for the Curley boys, they went to the circus for the first time last weekend in New Brunswick, NJ. The State Theater sponsors a Family Day every year on President’s Day in New Brunswick, NJ. The featured event is the Hub City Spectacular by Big Apple Circus, which Finnegan described as ‘amazing’ and proclaimed that he loved it. In addition to the circus, there was free face painting and balloon animals, a DJ, several food trucks, and other activities like dance performances and an animal presentation by the Turtle Back Zoo that we didn’t stick around for because of the frigid temperatures. I liked the Hub City Circus because they don’t use any animals in the show except for a few dogs. All of the dogs were adopted from various shelters around the country and were rewarded with plenty of treats during the performance. Since most dogs were bred to do a job, I think these dogs were quite happy participants unlike the tigers and elephants used in some shameful circus acts.

big apple circus
After the circus, both boys waited in line for the free face painting, which was another first for them. Declan picked out a penguin and insisted that she paint it on his nose. Finnegan chose a snake and opted for the traditional cheek placement.

Face Painting


Have you or your kids experienced any firsts this weekend?


3 thoughts on “I Don’t Want to Grow Up

  1. What cute boys! They so grow so fast! I didn’t experience anything new this week, but z has learned a few (thousand) new words this week. At least it feels that way. She talks nonstop (and I love it!)


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