Turks & Caicos: Packing List

By the time this post goes live, we will be on our way to Turks and Caicos with forecasted highs in the low to mid-eighties.  This winter has seemed to drag on forever and we were without heat for a full day yesterday when an ice storm took down some trees in our neighborhood along with the power and phone lines.  Two winter storms in one week has just made us even more excited to escape and we will appreciate the warm sunshine even more.

With a very short layover in Atlanta, I had to be strategic about packing our carry-on bag in case our main suitcase doesn’t arrive with us.  We have everything we need for our first day in Turks & Caicos (except sunscreen because of the relentlessly annoying ban on liquids!) and hopefully enough entertainment to keep both boys occupied on the plane since this will be my first solo trip with them.

If I could put anything in my suitcase, here is what I would love to bring:

Turks Packing List

Sunglasses ($33): inexpensive – just how I like my sunglasses since I always seem to lose or break the expensive ones

Cover-up ($88): I could have made an entire board with things from Boden.  Love their new collection!

Anchor Bracelet ($11): from Furbish – my favorite store in Raleigh

Darva Sandals ($68) – they match everything

Baboon T-shirt ($242): while I would never pay this much for a t-shirt, I still love it and you could probably find something similar or have one made on Etsy for a lot less

Beach bag ($335) – this is actually a weekender bag, which means it might be big enough to haul everything that you need for your kids at the beach

Swing Dress ($33) – this is the only item on this list that’s actually in my suitcase.  This dress is so comfortable and so cheap.  I also bought it in white.

Stefani Dress ($108) – what beach bag would be complete without a Lily dress?!  This one goes perfectly from day to night.


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