Sharing Our Love of Travel (& a Giveaway!)

Traveling with kids can be challenging at times.  Keeping them entertained on long flights, dealing with jet lag when you’re exhausted, or trying to explain to your child why he can’t have his customary cup of warm milk before bed when you’re staying in the middle of a rainforest can add stress to any trip.

So with all of these challenges, a natural question might be, “Why travel with your kids when they are so young and won’t remember the trip anyway?”  For us, the answer is simple.  We think travel will make them better humans.  Even at the ages of 2 and 4, Declan and Finnegan are gaining an appreciation for other cultures, languages, food, and geography.  They are learning how much they have in common with kids all over the world.  They are also learning to embrace – instead of fear – things that are different.  Their favorite food is sushi, they know people speak Spanish in Honduras, and they have a genuine interest in looking at maps and talking about what different countries are like.  The conversation always ends with the same question, “Can we go there someday?”


Travel also helps us be better parents.  It’s a chance for us to completely disconnect and enjoy our boys without the day-to-day stress of balancing work, daycare, activities, and house work.  It refreshes us and awakens our inner child by offering new experiences or sensing the wonder and amazement through the eyes of our kids all over again.  We can’t imagine our lives being as rich and full without the opportunity to travel.  We look forward to creating many more memories with our kids as we continue to explore this amazing world.  Our love of traveling runs deep.


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13 thoughts on “Sharing Our Love of Travel (& a Giveaway!)

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  6. Good for you for traveling with your children. I look back and remember all the little camping trips I did as a kid or remembering trips after going through an album. I 100% agree that travel will make them better aware of the world around them as a whole and not just of the country they grow up in.

    • Thanks Angela! We went camping with our kids for the first time this summer and had so much fun. Camping is such a great way of experiencing a new place or just spending time outdoors close to home. It’s nice to hear how fondly you remember your family camping trips.

  7. Your travels with your children have always inspired me. I’m planning our trips in my head all the time. With all the travels to visit family, we’ve had no time to really plan a “real” vacation for ourselves. Like you I feel traveling will help a child develop in so many ways. Not only for culture and diversity but also the ability to adapt and adjust.

    • Thanks Jen! I’m looking forward to seeing pictures when you get a chance to take your next vacation. Your pictures from Iceland were gorgeous! I’m sure you can squeeze something in – even if it’s just a long weekend.

  8. I’m totally in agreement with travelling with kids (even though I don’t have any of my own!), I think it’s an amazing way for them to learn about the world and the diverse range of people, cultures, and beliefs shared within it. Good on you for being brave enough to allow them to embrace travelling at such a young age 🙂


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