Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Our 2014 family calendar just arrived in the mail and I realized two things – first, I need to send a birthday gift to my one and only nephew as soon as possible (sorry Corbin – we still love you!), and second, I need to get hopping on Valentine’s Day gifts pronto. We don’t exchange large gifts, but we like to celebrate the occasion by giving each other something small and thoughtful. Last year we skipped the gifts altogether because we spent the week in Jamaica, but this year I definitely need to step up my game and get Russ something a little more special since we are going to be in Turks and Caicos without him just before Valentine’s Day. Here are some Valentine’s gift ideas (both big and small) of things that have caught my eye over the last few weeks for everyone in the family.

For the Ladies

Valentines for Her

red satchel, feed bag, dachshund oil + vinegar Set

heart bowls, heart elbow patch sweater

initial necklace, dog cookie jar, leopard clutch

The FEED bag is my favorite carry-on bag when traveling with the kids because it holds so much stuff and is really to grab things as you need them.  When you purchase this bag, you are also buying school meals for two kids for an entire year – win-win!

For the Dudes

Valentines for Menwatch, tie, new bruce album

rugged satchel, book

sunglasses, sneakers, mixers

Russ reminds me on a daily basis that he still doesn’t have the new Bruce album yet, but I don’t think he can wait until Valentine’s Day to get it.  The prescription sunglasses from Warby Parker are a lifesaver for anyone that has to wear glasses when they drive.  As an added bonus, Warby Parker donates a pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair they sell.

For the Little Dudes

Valentines for Boysvalentine’s cards, pajamas, raccoon overalls

croc scarf, puff the magic dragon

terrarium kit, love monster, seahorses

The raccoon overalls are expensive, but so adorable.  I want to get them for Declan to wear the next time we have our pictures taken.

For the Girls

Valentines for Girlsconversation heart crayons, sleeping bag, heart dress

wondergirl shirt, valentine’s cards

heart leggings, fox dress, ruffle jacket

Do you exchange gifts and/or get something small for your little ones on Valentine’s Day?


2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. I’m gonna be such a monster and say I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day at all and not just because I’m single (tho- do you read Cup of Jo, she put some Valentine’s cards up that I love)! That said, do you think they do that Wondergirl t-shirt in women’s sizes 😉

    • Sammi – I really want that Wondergirl shirt as well! I don’t normally read Cup of Jo, but I just checked it out and I love the Valentine’s Day cards she featured as well as the juggling date idea. Cup of Jo looks like a great daily read.


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