Next Up: Turks & Caicos

I am so done with winter this year.  Completely, utterly done.  I’m so over winter that I made a rash decision to book three plane tickets to Turks and Caicos for early February.  That’s right, only three plane tickets.  Since Russ started a new job recently, he hasn’t accrued any vacation time and while I love him dearly, I can’t wait until July for our first vacation of the year.  What made me go from waffling about this decision to hitting the purchase tickets button on the Delta website this morning was the upcoming forecast.  There are two nights next week with projected lows in the single digits.  You would think that growing up near Syracuse, NY would have made me hardy and impervious to the cold.  However, you would be wrong.  I feel like I’ve already dealt with a full lifetime worth of snow and cold and I wouldn’t be sad if I lived somewhere without winter.

So, I’m taking the boys and we’re heading to one of the most kid friendly beaches in the world – Grace Bay Beach (ranked the #3 beach in the world on this list from CNN) ).  It’s calm, shallow, and so clear that I should be able to convince Finnegan that it’s not possible for any sharks to sneak up on him.


We haven’t booked our accommodation yet, but I might splurge for the easy option of staying at Beaches – an all-inclusive resort that caters to kids.  Once we step foot on the resort, I know we won’t leave, which is my only hesitation in booking.  I hate going to a new place and not really exploring it.  But I made the mistake of showing Finnegan and Declan the website for Beaches, and they are completely sold.

The hotel has a waterpark with a Pirate Ship and Lazy River.

pirate ship beaches

lazy river beaches

There are options to dine, sail, have tea, learn about science, go on a bird watching tour, and participate in a parade with Sesame Street characters, and the kids can even bake cookies with Cookie Monster.

sesame street parade beaches

elmo catamaran beaches

elmo beaches

There are six pools and two kiddie pools, including one with a kid’s only swim up bar!

beaches pool2

beaches pool

swim up bar

And they have Finnegan and Declan’s two favorite types of restaurants – sushi and hibachi.

hibachi beaches

soy beaches

I’m a little nervous about watching both of them in the ocean, but the beach looks too beautiful to pass up.

beaches beach

The boys are too excited to back out now and I think a hotel that’s designed to entertain kids might mean more time to relax (or at least breathe) for me.

What do you think?  Does it sound like a good plan to forego a more authentic island experience in exchange for a hotel that offers endless options to keep the kids entertained?


2 thoughts on “Next Up: Turks & Caicos

    • Hi Brittany!

      As a fellow lover of dogs and beer, I have to say that I love your blog and look forward to learning about some new micro brews to try!

      I said the same thing about Cookie Monster eating all of the cookies to my two year old and he started crying. I’m not so sure he will want to bake with Cookie Monster anymore!


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