Our First Blog Award – The Liebster!


Somehow another month has slipped away since our last blog post, but we have a lot to catch up on and I was happy to have the kick in the pants that I needed to get back on the blogging wagon.  After a whirlwind week spent in Europe for work and several shorter trips recently, I was excited to find that we were nominated by Life Unmapped for a  Liebster Award!  The Liebster is an award given to bloggers by bloggers. It is handed out to up-and-coming bloggers with 200 followers or fewer in order to bring attention to well deserving blogs that fly under the radar.  Thank you Life Unmapped for recognizing us!

Here are the rules for Liebster Nominations.

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back up to his/her blog.
  2. Answer the 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.
  3. Nominate other bloggers for the award who have less than 200 followers.
  4. Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer
  5. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.

Here are the questions given to us and our responses.

1). Where is the last place you traveled?

Jen: Belgium, Germany, and Netherlands last week for work

Russ: Sanibel Island, Florida

2). What is your earliest travel memory?

Jen: going to NYC with my family for the Statue of Liberty’s 100th year anniversary.  I won the trip by entering my mom’s name into a raffle at a restaurant during a rare dinner out.  Thank you Mr. Steak!

Russ: visiting West Virginia as a kid and going on a paddle boat ride with my dad and brother.  I was sitting on my dad’s lap and was bounced into the water as my dad was pedaling.  Thankfully he had quick reflexes and pulled me out quickly.

3). Do you prefer to travel with others or on your own?

Jen: definitely with others.  I spent a day in Stockholm by myself recently and I was happy to have the chance to see such a beautiful city, but I spent a lot of time wishing my entire family was there with me.

Russ: I’ve never actually traveled by myself so I’m also in the group camp.

4). What is your favorite food or drink you’ve found while traveling?

Jen: mango sticky rice in Thailand.

Russ: sushi at the fish market in Sydney

5). If you could only complete one item on your bucket list, what would it be?

Jen: a trip to the Galapagos with National Geographic.

Russ: seeing the Northern lights.

6). Do you have a favorite travel destination?

Jen: any place that I’ve never visited before!  Favorites trips so far include South Africa, Thailand, and Belize.

Russ:  Ireland.  I have family there so I feel a strong connection with the country.

7). What is your preferred method of travel (airplane, train, bus, car…)?

Jen: depends on the distance.  With kids, I don’t appreciate car travel as much I used to, but they are starting to reach an age (2 & 4) in which they can be entertained with movies on a long car ride.

Russ: train

8). What is the one thing you never leave home without?

Jen: this is a tough one.  I’m not really too attached to anything.  With two young kids in tow, I guess the one thing we try not to leave home without is snacks.  They can go from full to starving in a matter of seconds sometimes!

Russ: a good book to read

 9). What is your favorite travel film or book?

Jen: Travels with Charley (hence the name of our blog)

Russ: On the Road

 10). What are your three favorite blogs?

Jen: Beers & Beans (for their travel photography), Camels & Chocolate (travel writing), and I Suwanee (decorating & fashion blog)

Russ: I don’t read any blogs on a regular basis, but my favorite website is Let’s Run (http://www.letsrun.com).

And here are my nominees for the Liebster Award.  I apologize if any of you have more than 200 followers, but not everyone lists the number of followers on their home page!  We still think you all deserve the award and would love to hear your responses.

The Travel Clan

Greenley Coffee Break

Ty and Sloane

And here are their questions:

  1. Where was your first overseas vacation?
  2. What is the strangest thing you have eaten while traveling?
  3. Do you collect souvenirs? If so, what is it that you always pick up?
  4. What is your favorite place that you have visited?
  5. If you won trip (all-expenses paid), where would you go?
  6. What is your next planned trip?
  7. If you could sit next to one person on a plane, who would it be (dead or alive)?
  8. What is your dream job?
  9. What is your favorite book?
  10. What are your three favorite blogs?

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