Columbus Day at Turtle Back Zoo

It has been difficult to keep up with the blog lately, but I couldn’t resist a quick re-cap of the family’s recent trip to the Turtle Back Zoo.  Russ was off from work on Monday so he took the boys to visit his Dad and then to the Turtle Back Zoo, which is close by in West Orange, NJ.

Here is a sample of some of the pictures Russ brought home from their day at the zoo:


You might ask, like I did, whether Finnegan (or maybe even Declan) was designated to be the photographer for the day.  If so, the answer is no and you would have received a surprised look from Russ.

I think this one is my favorite.


If you want to create similar lifetime memories, here are the details:

Turtle Back Zoo Location: West Orange, NJ

Admission Cost: Adults – $11, Children 2 and up: $8

*They honor memberships from other zoos so the visit was free using our Philadelphia Zoo Membership.

Exhibits: they have a new sea lion exhibit and a sting ray touch tank that the boys loved.  Well, Finnegan actually freaked out a little (which is very unusual for him) because he thought Russ was going to drop him into the sting ray tank.  It is a great mid-size zoo.  Here is a link to all of their Exhibits.

Note: Russ is currently establishing his rates so contact him about his availability to photograph your day at the zoo!  All pictures were shot using the Sony DSLR A-200.


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