The Jersey Shore – WTF?

It’s hard to believe, but I have lived in New Jersey for 13 years now and one thing that I still don’t understand is the enthusiasm and love for the Jersey Shore.  We went to the shore for the first time this summer over the weekend and it was a solid reminder of why I dread this yearly excursion.  Okay, so my harsh feelings may have something to do with where we choose to go on the Jersey shore.  The closest beach to our house is Belmar so that’s where we always head.

DSC09323 DSC09321

It is crowded, the water is cold, and a good portion of the masses that flock here are so stereotypically Jersey Shore that you fully expect to see JWOWW and the Situation at any minute.  Planes constantly fly overhead advertising cheap bars and happy hours, and you hear the F word at least once a minute.  Declan was not impressed.


Okay so Declan’s general outlook over the weekend may have been influenced by whatever new virus he picked up at daycare that caused him to spike a 104.5 degree fever a few hours after this photo was snapped.

Before I write off the entire 217 miles of Jersey coastline, what are some of the beaches and towns we should check out?  I still haven’t been to Cape May so that’s on our list for September.  It is a decent ride down there and hotels are outrageously expensive during the summer so we’re hoping for good weather and better prices during the shoulder season.  There is one person in this family that already loves the Jersey shore and it’s this guy:


I am looking forward to exploring more of the coastline and hopefully finding my happy place on the Jersey Shore so I can feel like a true resident (and make Finnegan happy by going more often).  Besides Cape May, do you have any suggestions for beaches that we should try to visit?


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