Finnegan’s Very Belated Birthday Post

After a longer than expected break from blogging, here is yet another birthday post.  Since most of our readers are friends and family, I suspect that you won’t mind seeing more pictures of the boys.  For others that actually do read our blog for ideas and stories about traveling with kids, we should have some new travel-related posts soon!

If I had to guess what Finnegan’s future career might be at this point in time, I would guess a party planner for the 1%.  He lives for parties and loves the planning process.  For his third birthday, Finnegan requested that we serve sushi, have two birthday cakes (one with a clown), and get pigs for everyone to ride.  We did have two cakes at his party, but neither one included a clown since he had a snake and reptile themed party hosted by Snakes-n-Scales.  Since most of the kids at the party were also three years old, I thought they might be a little young for a snake party, but Erin from Snakes-n-Scales was great and easily kept them entertained and engaged.  The party was a huge hit and Finnegan didn’t hesitate when we asked him what kind of party he wanted for his fourth birthday – another snake party!

We also used Finnegan’s party as an opportunity to have our yearly professional photos taken.  Amy from Adia Photography LLC took our photos last year and we loved them.  Her rates are also extremely affordable and I love that she gives you copies of all of the images on a CD so you can have your own prints made.  All pictures in this post are her copyrighted images.  We started with a family photo shoot in the park next to our house and then she stayed for the party.

We won’t bore you with the family photos so here is just one silly picture of the boys.


Since we had a party with Snakes-n-Scales last year they brought a special surprise to start the show off with a bang – an alligator named Dizzy!


What I love about the show is that Erin teaches them so much about the animals and keeps it entertaining without talking to them like they’re babies.  She even gives the kids an opportunity to ask questions about each animal, which Finnegan clearly appreciates.


All of the animals have been rescued and nursed back to health.  Some were unwanted or abused pets, others were confiscated by authorities or picked up along the side of the road.  Dizzy received her name after she was found swimming in a pool in NJ, going around and around in a circle due to an injury she acquired somewhere along the way.  Her ‘owner’ probably abandoned her after she became too big for her tank or became too much work – I guess you really can’t expect much from someone that would buy an alligator for a pet in the first place.


Here are some of the other animals we met during the party:

     JC2013_221JC2013_274 JC2013_246 JC2013_261 JC2013_235 JC2013_228 JC2013_222

And for the grand finale, there was an albino Burmese python. 


Do you think Finnegan was excited?


I think Finnegan’s friends enjoyed the show too!


Okay, Declan doesn’t look too excited, but he really did enjoy the show


After the show, the kids went wild in the bounce house, jumped on the trampoline and ran through the sprinklers.

JC2013_314 JC2013_321 JC2013_331 JC2013_335

And we enjoyed Finnegan’s amazing cake, which I think is one of my mom’s best yet!

CakeJC2013_360 JC2013_367

The party was so much fun that our typically early riser, slept in until almost 9:00AM the next morning, which is a record for him.

We HIGHLY recommend Snakes-n-Scales!!!  They have many different party options to accommodate any age group.  They are located in Northern NJ, but will travel to anywhere in NJ, NYC, CT, and parts of PA for a small fee.  Their website has a lot of information so check it out if you are interested in hosting a unique party.

Finnegan has already requested an octopus party to celebrate his 5th birthday so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that Snakes-n-Scales will add an octopus to their Fish & Ocean themed party option.

Again, all of the pictures in this post were taken by Amy Diamond (Adia Photography LLC)and we highly recommend her too!



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