Declan’s Pony Party

Declan turned two recently and we celebrated this past weekend with a pony party at Hunter’s Creek Farm in Lambertville, NJ. 


In accordance with Murphy’s Law of Kids, Declan refused to participate in most of the activities despite LOVING the ponies and his pony ride at daycare less than a month ago.  I still think he had a good time at the party checking out the horses, feeding them, and running around with the other kids. 

DSC09148 (2)DSC09192 (2) DSC09172photo

It’s really impossible to have a bad time when your friends bring faux mustaches for everyone!

DSC09150 DSC09145

And Declan definitely enjoyed his cake!  My mom made his cakes because she is an amazing baker and I am not.

DSC09227 DSC09229 DSC09231 DSC09235

We actually had Finnegan’s 2nd birthday at this same farm and came back because we had such a great experience the first time.  The owners are fantastic and kind.  They are very patient with the kids and provide a lot of extra touches that we didn’t expect like decorating the tent with balloons and setting the table with bubbles and coloring supplies. 

The party started with an introduction to the horses and a lesson on how to brush them.


After the grooming was complete, all of the kids lined up for pony rides.  Everyone except Declan took turns riding around the ring.

DSC09180DSC09188DSC09204 DSC09183 DSC09190DSC09212

Declan didn’t ride the ponies, but he posed for some cute pictures with his friends next to the barriers.

DSC09218 DSC09216

Do you have any favorite places, themes or ideas for kid’s birthday parties?



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