Considering: Bald Head Island, NC

One of our favorite weeks to travel within the US is the first week in September – right after Labor Day when all of the schools are back in session.  Crowds and prices tend to go down significantly at many family friendly destinations.  This is our last year of being able to travel the first week of September since Finnegan will be starting kindergarten next year.  And it turns out that we really can’t take advantage of traveling that full week since we want Finnegan to be able to attend at least one day of his preschool orientation on September 3rd.

Therefore, we’re in the process of trying to decide where to go for ~4 nights the second part of that week.  When we were originally planning to take the full week off, we had our choices narrowed down to a Seattle/Olympic National Park/San Juan Island trip or a week in the Santa Fe area.  Now that we are planning a much shorter trip, we’re thinking about Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard or possibly a beach in the NC/SC area or maybe even Florida.  One destination that we’re considering is Bald Head Island, NC and it sounds really appealing for a laid back trip with young kids.  The logistics are a little tougher than the trip to Nantucket because we would have to fly to Wilmington, rent a car, and then take a ferry to the island.  But those logistical details seem like a minor inconvenience to experience this kind of place, right?

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[Image Credit: All images from Bald Head Island Limited]

The island looks like a great place to relax, go to the beach, ride bikes (there are no cars on the island), hike through the marsh, and maybe even see a baby loggerhead turtle hatch in September.  Have you ever been to Bald Head Island – if so, what did you think?

We are already having a tough time making a decision, but does anyone have suggestions for other east coast destinations that we should add to our list for consideration?  Do you have any favorite places that are worth considering for a 4 night trip in early September?



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