Perfection at Pax House (Dingle, Ireland)

We had our best B&B experience ever in Dingle – so much so that it deserves its own post.  From the rooms and the view, to the incredible breakfasts and friendliness of the other guests, everything at Pax House exceeded our expectations.  John, the owner of the B&B, and his staff – especially Margaret – truly seemed to love what they do and made everyone feel at home.


We stayed in a family room that included a patio and sliding glass doors with beautiful views of Dingle Bay.  There was a king-size bed and a single bed in the room and an enormous bathroom.  I wish I took pictures of our room because the house must have been renovated since many of the pictures on their website were taken.  The focus of this picture was obviously the chickens (hi, chickens!), but you can see the patio and some of the view:


Okay, so a lot of B&B’s have beautiful rooms in a beautiful location – so what really made our visit to Pax House so special?  Two things:

1.)    Margaret & the Chickens


In addition to Finnegan & Declan, there were two other boys staying in the B&B. Margaret told the boys if they were good for breakfast, she had a special surprise for them.  While we were eating, she prepared four buckets with scraps to feed the chickens and told the boys that the chickens at Pax House lay extra special eggs and they had a magic oven in the kitchen to cook these eggs.

First, Margaret had the boys feed the chickens:


Then each boy retrieved their special egg from the hen house.  Finnegan could hardly contain his excitement at this point and I was worried his egg was not going to make it into the magic oven, but he held it together.


Margaret brought all the boys inside, collected their eggs, and went into the kitchen to cook the eggs in the magic oven.  At this point, many of the other guests were intrigued and hung around to watch the reaction of the kids as well.  Margaret kept popping her head out of the kitchen to let them know that the eggs were almost ready.  After a few minutes, she emerged with a tray of eggs wrapped in paper towels and twine.


And inside to the boys’ delight were chocolate Cadbury eggs!


Finnegan said he was going to save his magic egg forever, but Declan had to eat his immediately.


Forever for Finnegan really meant about an hour, which is still pretty good self-control for a chocolate-loving, not quite four year old little boy.

It was such a great way to start the morning each day!

2.)    Special Touches

As if Margaret and the magic eggs were not enough in the ‘special touches’ category, Pax House offers so many other things to take your stay from great to extraordinary.  For example, each night when we returned to our room after dinner, there was a teddy bear waiting on the bed for the boys with a warmed up lavender pouch inside.


They also had rubber ducks for the boys to play with in the bathtub and lots of special touches for the grown-ups as well.  You could order pre-dinner drinks and really great appetizers to enjoy on the balcony or your own patio, which isn’t typical for a lot of B&B’s.  John was happy to share his insights on things to do in the area and even make helpful suggestions for other parts of your Ireland itinerary.  John and his staff make it a point to learn everyone’s name so you really feel like you are part of their family.

The only slight downside to this B&B if you are staying with young kids is the 1km walk into town (without sidewalks for part of the way).  It was well worth this minor inconvenience to stay at Pax House – I would gladly make that trade again if we ever find ourselves back in Dingle (and I hope we do).


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