Seven Wonders of the New World

I mentioned yesterday that Petra was one of the Seven Wonders of the New World, but I wasn’t sure how the list was created or what the other six wonders included.  Since Wikipedia is always right, I did some research and learned that the list was actually assembled through a highly unscientific polling process.  However, any ‘top’ whatever list always includes a high degree of judgment so I’m not really sure how you could come up with a scientific list.

Here are the other six wonders of the new world and I’m disappointed to say that I’ve only been to one of them.  Lots more traveling to do!

1.)    Machu Picchu (Peru) – this is the one wonder that we have actually visited and I definitely agree with its inclusion on the list.  We went on a two-week trip to Peru in 2006 and loved the day that we spent at Machu Picchu (although my dad and Russ were having some GI issues so the train ride home was a rough experience for them).  In addition, to being a marvel of Incan architecture and engineering, the location in the mountains adds to the wonder and amazement.  The train ride to the site is a marvel of its own.

Machu Picchu_Russ 2006 Machu Picchu_2006

2.)    Taj Mahal (India)


3.)    Chichen Itza (Mexico) – located not too far from Cancun, I could have visited this site during a college spring break.  Part of our group did make the one hour side trip, but my priorities may have been questionable since I was not one of them.  I have since visited many other Mayan sites in Belize and Guatemala so this wonder is not as high on my list of places to see as some of the others.


4.)    Christ the Redeemer (Brazil)


5.)    Colosseum (Italy) – we have done surprising little travel in Europe, which we’re hoping to change over the next few years.  Italy and Spain are high on our list so I think this should be one of the easier places to cross off in the near future.


6.)    Great Wall of China – I recently moved into a new role at work, which will likely require some travel to China.  If that opportunity arises, I’m hoping Russ and the boys will be able to join me at the end of one of the trips for some extra sightseeing.


How many of these ‘seven wonders’ have you visited?  What would be your first choice of the next one (or first one) to visit?


11 thoughts on “Seven Wonders of the New World

  1. On that Cancun trip, I seem to remember starving and not having enough money for a banana in the hotel lobby much less a trip to Chichen Itza. Very poor planning on our part, but look how far you’ve come!

  2. Oh, and I want to go to Italy. Rome would be great with the Colosseum, but I really want to go to Tuscany and see the countryside. Does that count? 🙂


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