Latest Travel Obsession: Jordan

It seems like every travel related website, blog and magazine I read lately includes a story about Jordan.  After reading these stories and looking at the pictures, it has jumped very high on my bucket list.  I guess I’m in good company since the Smithsonian Magazine named Petra, Jordan as one of 28 places you need to visit before you die.

The new obsession first started when I began to see a lot of pictures from Jordan on the G Adventures Facebook feed.  I also read the January 2013 Lonely Planet Traveller Middle East issue that had a nice overview of Petra, a UNESCO heritage site and one of the modern seven wonders of the world.  A walk through the Siq, or narrow passageway that leads to Petra, would be enough of a reason for me to visit alone.  The pictures of the journey to the site invoke a sense of adventure and mystery, don’t you think?

Petra-Roman-Aqueduct_Siq passage

Can you imagine walking through that path in the red rock and then emerging to discover this ancient city for the first time?  The first site upon emerging from the Siq is the Treasury, the most elaborate ruin carved into the rock.


And if you are up for some more hiking, you can visit the Monastery.  It sounds like the hike is fairly strenuous, which doesn’t bother me, but my fear of heights might get in the way and the hike definitely doesn’t sound kid friendly.  Here is a picture of the Monastery – look at how small the man in the picture appears.


Other tourist highlights from Jordan include Wadi Rum, known as the Valley of the Moon.  While visiting, I would love to stay in a Bedouin camp and explore the desert.

400px-Wadi_Rum_Rock_BridgeWadiRumPetroglyphFamily Seven_Pillars_2008_e5 799px-GabelRum01_ST_07

And there’s also the Dead Sea. I wonder if my boys will be able to float in the water that is almost nine times saltier than the ocean?  It’s the lowest point on Earth and obviously has a tremendous history as well.

deadsea2 Dead_sea_newspaper dead sea

We have never been on a group tour for an entire vacation because we generally like to control our itinerary and design a trip that is tailored to our interests.  However, it’s a whole lot of work for a OCD, control freak detail oriented person to plan a vacation and time is something that I’m a bit short on these days between parenthood and work.  I could definitely see us using G Adventures at some point.

I like the philosophy and approach of G Adventures in which they promote Sustainable Tourism and try to keep as much money as possible from the tour in the hands of local people.  They use local guides, accommodations and transportation as much as possible, which also helps to create a more authentic travel experience.  I would love to go on one of their family trips to Jordan or Borneo, but the minimum age for most of the family trips that I saw was 5-8 years old.

Are there any places that came up recently on your radar that you are dying to visit?


5 thoughts on “Latest Travel Obsession: Jordan

  1. Hi there, Do come to Jordan. It’s very family friendly and children are loved by locals. Have you thought about looking at a tour company that puts together a personalised itinerary for just your family, providing a driver, guide and whatever else you need. Gives you the chance to have some input into the what you would like to see and do, without having to worry about all the hassles of organising the details such as transport and accommodation. Companies like Jordan Experience are very good. I work at Amra Palace Hotel in Petra and the guests of Jordan Eperience always speak highly of the company and I can vouch that they are very professional. It’s a wonderful country to visit.

    • Thanks for the great suggestion! I will definitely look into that tour company since you’ve heard such positive first hand feedback.

      I would also love to go snorkeling in Aqaba while we’re visiting. Do you have any suggestions for more ‘off the beaten path’ destinations or experiences that kids would like too?

      • Snorkeling in Aqaba is a must – so beautiful and so many colours. Camping in Wadi Rum is great fun and a real adventure that the kids would enjoy. You can do jeep and camel rides in Wadi Rum. Dana reserve is a place that not many visit. It’s one of the few nature reserves in Jordan and is really beautiful – fantastic views and spectacular rock formations. The Roman ruins at Jerash whilst popular are worth exploring as the size of the site is impressive and gives a great idea of the size of the city. I really enjoy going to Little Petra as not many people visit it. It’s only 15 minutes from Petra, free entry and has some things to see that you don’t see in big Petra. It all depends on how much time you will have.

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