Krabi Trip Review

The prolonged winter and the fact that a lot of my co-workers were off this week enjoying spring break with their kids, has me craving another beach vacation.  I know we were just in Jamaica in February, but I’m ready for another one!  Because we have limited vacation time (and travel funds), I have to settle for re-living our trip to Krabi, Thailand by looking back through pictures.


Image Credit: Tubkaak Resort website

We ended our two week trip to Thailand and Cambodia in February 2011 with three days at the Tubkaak Boutique Resort in Krabi.  It was brilliant planning on my part to end the trip with the most relaxing three days that we spent in Southeast Asia because we were able to return to work feeling relaxed and refreshed.  If you are looking for a party scene, Phuket is probably more your thing.


Image Credit: Tubkaak Resort website


Image Credit: Tubkaak Resort website

While my pre-trip agenda was much more ambitious and had us seeing a lot more of the surrounding area, Russ won out and we mostly spent our time at the pool and beach.  We did spend a day doing a four island long boat tour that was the perfect mix of sightseeing, swimming, exploring, and relaxation.  Each island was gorgeous and we were able to stay as long as we wanted at each stop.  It was great to see the limestone outcrops and islets up close that give Phang Nga bay its characteristic and exotic look.


Image Credit: Tubkaak Resort website

fish on four island tour four island tour stop 1 finnegan four island tour rope ry%3D480last stop

Tubkaak was a great choice for a hotel with a toddler.  Finnegan was 20 months old at the time of our trip and Declan was still in my belly – just over halfway through cooking in the womb.  We stayed in a garden room on the ground level and it had plenty of space for us.  Finnegan loved the outdoor tub, and basically spent all of his waking hours in the water – we just moved him between the tub, pool, and beach.  He was happy, we were happy.

russ finn hammock me and finn krabi beach restaurantbeach time finnegan sunglasses

Goodbye until next time, Thailand.

family sunset finnegan sunset

Details: we booked our room through Agoda, a website that offers a lot of hotel properties in Asia at substantial discounts.  We booked most of our hotels on this trip through the site and would highly recommend using Agoda.


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