Must Go Here: Galapagos Safari Camp

A visit to the Galapagos Islands is high on my travel bucket list.  With unlimited funds, I would love to hop aboard a luxury cruise like the one offered by National Geographic on their Islander yacht.  At a price tag of almost $6,000 per person, that trip will have to wait – unless, of course, I win the Epic Trip contest sponsored by Outside Magazine and Eddie Bauer.  You can enter too on Facebook for one of five trips that matches your travel style.  Please just bring me with you if you win.

I did some preliminary research last year because I thought it would be fun to go on a Galapagos cruise with the boys, but I learned that all of the boats have a minimum age of around 7 years old and some don’t allow kids under the age of 12.  Since the boats are fairly small and people pay a lot of money to go on the cruises, I get the age restrictions.  But five years seems like a long time to wait to go on a trip that is so high on my wish list.  Especially when you see pictures like these:

Image Credit: National Geographic

Image Credit: National Geographic

sally lightfood crab-014 (Ecuador) – Galápagos Islands 1 blue-footed-booby-galapagos-islands-bird-sula-animals banner_galapagos_wildlife_giant_tortoise_and_photographer 5354268539_aefa9c7dda 8 Your Neighbour 1 Galapagos Safari

Enter the Galapagos Safari Camp.  I first read about this camp sometime last year and immediately fell in love with the idea of staying in a luxury tent, meeting giant tortoises that walk around the property, and taking day trips to some of the nearby islands for hiking and snorkeling.  The camp is family friendly and permits kids of all ages.  The camp is still expensive, like everything in the Galapagos, but Jetsetter is currently offering a flash sale on the property.

Safari Camp Tents

pool rainbow 8 Wake-up-to-a-view 9 lodge-outside-view

Here is one of the review from Tripadvisor for this camp:

Fly there. Drive there. Swim there.

Just be sure to go there.

Good advice.  I think we will.

If you don’t have young kids, I still think a cruise is the best way to see the Galapagos Islands.  This is a great site to find last minute cruise deals at a substantial discount.  And here is a great website for a lot of information about planning a trip to the Galapagos.


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