Next Up: Washington, D.C.

We just booked a hotel room in D.C. for next weekend.  We’re hoping to see some cherry blossoms since we will be there just a few days before peak bloom is predicted.

washington-dc-cherry-blossoms DC-Cherry-Blossoms

Our hotel is close to the National Zoo so visiting these guys will also be high on the agenda:

Image Credit:  Connor Mallon, Smithsonian's National zoo

Image Credit: Connor Mallon, Smithsonian’s National zoo

And my little dinosaur loving boys would love to see these guys as well:

dinosaurs Smithsonian

If we can make it past the lobby of the Museum of Natural History.smithsonianmuseumofnaturalhistory

We’re also debating whether to bring this girl with us since our hotel is pet-friendly;


We just need to figure out how much time she will actually get to walk around with us compared how much time she will be stuck in the hotel by herself.

Russ is a very good sport for agreeing to take part in this last minute plan of mine since he will most likely be delivering an open argument the day after we get back.  I’m sure Finnegan and Declan will thank him with their huge smiles as we tour the National Zoo and Natural History Museum.  We will let you know how it all works out in about a week and half!



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