Close to Home: Baldpate Mountain

This past weekend we were all suffering from cabin fever and wanted to get outside.  There are a lot of options for short hikes in our area, including right outside our door at Washington Crossing State Park.  However, we wanted to do something different so we made the very short drive to Baldpate Mountain, a Mercer County Park.  The NJ Hiking website has a good overview of the park and a description of the trails.

We parked in the lot off of Fiddler’s Creek Road and hiked the blue trail, then returned via the visitor’s center road.  There are a lot of boulders on this hike that the boys (especially Finnegan) loved climbing.  Since it was still cold out this weekend, there were very people on the trail and we let Rosalita off leash so she could burn off some of her puppy energy.  The trail climbs steeply in some parts, but we only had to carry Finnegan for a short section where the footing was a little tough, so it doesn’t require a crazy level of fitness or skill to manage this hike.


The hike took us about two hours, which included a short break so the boys could have a snack and lots of stops for climbing boulders while Finnegan pretended to be a mountain goat.  Declan was a bit of a challenge since he didn’t want to ride in the Ergo or walk – he wanted to be carried the ENTIRE time and only “momma” could carry him.  The hike turned into an upper body strength workout for me, but it kept the peace and meant lots of fresh air for everyone so I didn’t mind.  And look at how much fun Rosie had in the woods!


For detailed directions and additional park information, click here.  If you are visiting Lambertville, NJ or New Hope, PA with a pet and want to go for a hike, Baldpate Mountain and Washington Crossing State Park are both great choices.  The canal towpath that runs on both sides of the Delaware River is fantastic too, but it can get a little crowded on summer weekends.  Overall, both towns are very pet friendly and would make a great destination for a long weekend if you like to eat, shop, and walk.  In the coming months, we will continue to add posts on other pet friendly and kid friendly activities in the Princeton/Lambertville/New Hope area.  If you have any suggestions, please let us know!


2 thoughts on “Close to Home: Baldpate Mountain

  1. Sounds like fun. We have nearby Blakey state park that has lots of trails if you ever come this way. Caution though, not a good idea in the summer bc of heat and snakes. Definitely cooler weather park, unless you don’t mind snakes.


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