Easter Gift Ideas for Young Travelers


1.)  Travel Buddies Luggage Set, Archie Alien, $74 (we asked the Easter Bunny to bring this luggage set for Declan because he cried on our last trip when Finnegan wouldn’t share his wheelie suitcase)

2.)  Chalkboard World Map, $120 (there are US chalkboard maps as well; as seen on Look Linger Love)

3.)  Califone Headphones, Tiger, $13 (other animals are also available).  Perfect for long plane rides!

4.)  Augie Alligator Sleeping Bag, $25

5.)  National Parks Passport, $9 (even better would be a trip to a National Park and a stamp to go along with the passport!)

6.)  Boys’ Ray-Ban® Junior Wayfarer® sunglasses, $59 (not a bargain considering how long kid’s sunglasses last, but these are so dapper)

7.)  Rocket Balloons, $9 (these are always a huge hit with our kids)

8.)  Lobster Beach Towel for babies, $19

9.)  Pottery Barn Kids Luggage, $100-$120

10.)  Kid’s Stripe Trilby Hat, $29.50

11.)  101 Places You Gotta See Before You’re 12!, $9

12.)  Blaze Firefly Flashlight, $8

13.)  Bear Wants More, $12 (Bear Snores On is one of our all-time favorites and we apparently live under a rock because we just learned there is a whole series of Bear books)

14.)  Wild Cards Dinosaurs, $11 (these would be another great distraction on a plane and would likely be a keeper for a long time.  Little kids can look at the pictures and learn about the dinosaurs while older kids can play the actual card games)

15.)  AquaDoodle – Travel Doodle, $18

16.)  Wild Cards Baby Animals, $11


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