Next Up: Bluefields Bay, Jamaica

For someone who typically does an obsessive amount of research for each vacation, the decision to go to Jamaica was impulsive.  After stumbling upon the Bluefields Bay Villas website while on the Family Getaway portion of Luxury Link, I was sold. 

bluefields resort

The villas are gorgeous, each one has a private pool, and you can snorkel from the beach.  Plus, each villa comes with its OWN staff, including nannies! 

“Each house has a “headman” (Jamaican concierge) who serves meals, clarifies preferences on food and drink, and helps your experience unfold like the tropical foliage. Housekeepers not only keep rooms sparkling, but also send guests home with suitcases of clean clothes at no extra charge. And, if people bring children, devoted and caring nannies are provided. Each staff is rounded-out with a waterfront attendant, gardener, night porter for after-hours service, and driver when needed to make your stay as comfortable as possible at our Jamaican luxury resort.”

To be sure this wasn’t a too good to be true marketing ploy, we did check out the reviews on TripAdvisor (I’m an engineer by background so I can never really commit to a decision without doing some research).  The reviews were glowing – all of them.  Here’s a short sample:

Reader – if you don’t have the time to read my review, then the short version is – You haven’t experienced a real holiday until you have been to Bluefields!


Okay, so it was time for a reality check.  This place is expensive.  But they were offering a substantial discount on the Family Getaway site, plus their own website said to contact them for specials.  So I did.  Even with a discount, this place is pretty expensive.  It’s all-inclusive, they have a ton of staff, and I’m sure it is an expensive property to maintain, but I work in sourcing and negotiating a good deal is a passion.  Debbie, one of the owners, couldn’t be nicer and eventually found a date and price point that worked for us.  One of the ways that we were able to save money was by finding an opening in which the villa wasn’t available for a full week.  So, we only have a six night rental even though the minimum stay is typically seven nights.    

We are staying in the Milestone Cottage (shown above).  If I wasn’t such a beggar, I think the Cottonwood Cottage would have been my first choice, but all of the villas look wonderful.  If you’re traveling with a larger group, they even have houses.  Impressive, right?


 We leave on Sunday and can’t wait to escape the cold weather in the Northeast.  Fingers crossed that Nemo doesn’t mess up our travel plans.


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