Destination: Rincon, Puerto Rico

We went to Puerto Rico in early October for a cousin’s wedding.  As a side note, I would like to encourage all of my unmarried cousins and friends to have destination weddings – preferably during winter in a tropical location!  My cousin’s beautiful bride is from Aguadilla so I don’t think their wedding technically qualified as a destination wedding, but it was a nice excuse for us to get out of Jersey for a week. 

rehearsal dinner

                    rehearsal dinner

As we established yesterday, our trip got off to bit of a rocky start, but the rest of the week was relaxing, fun, and restorative.  We rented a four bedroom house that we shared with my mom, her friend, and an aunt and uncle.  There are a lot of rental options in Rincon on and if you’re traveling with a large group, it can be a lot more affordable than staying in a hotel or resort for a week.  You can also save money by cooking your own meals.  We rented this house and it was perfect for us – it had a pool, large kitchen, two living room areas, and a great patio.  Our kids had plenty of room to run, no one cared if they were loud, there were plenty of lizards to chase, and we could still enjoy the pool while they napped in the living room.  My only complaint is the house was lacking internet/wifi, but from the recent reviews on vrbo it sounds like this might be coming soon.   

house in rinconpool in rincon

The house was in a quiet neighborhood and a very short walk to a quiet sandy beach with coconut trees.  While we typically do a lot of sightseeing and pack a lot of activities into our vacations, this one was extremely relaxing and mostly involved hanging out with my family in the pool.  My mom is one of six girls and all of her sisters except one were able to make the trip.  It was great to have the house for everyone to gather, drink, and cook.

pool rincon

light house in rincon

                                                 on one of our few sightseeing outtings

For our last two nights in PR, we moved to the Rincon Beach Resort where the wedding was held.  The resort gets pretty mixed reviews on Tripadvisor, and I think there is a big difference in the rooms that have been updated vs. the ones that haven’t.  If you are considering a stay and they haven’t finished refurbishing all of the rooms, just ask for a newer room and I don’t think you will be disappointed.  I also think a few days there is plenty if you don’t want to do a lot of driving.  It’s a bit far from town and other restaurants, and there are not a lot of dining options at the resort.

The resort was fairly empty while we were there, so we mostly had the pool to ourselves – well, to Finnegan’s delight we had to share it at times with a very large iguana.  Finnegan absolutely loved swimming in the giant pool, going from the kiddie pool to the big pool, and ordering hot dogs and virgin daiquiris from the swim up bar.  It was a good thing we were only there for two nights because I’m not sure we could have continued funding his habit for an entire week.  The kiddie pool was also perfect for Declan.  Part of it is very shallow so he was able to splash on his own while we sat next to him.  Declan also enjoyed the beach, but we had trouble keeping him out of the ocean and the sand got as hot as the sun during the day so we mostly stuck to the pool.  

declan ocean rincon

beach resort pool

The wedding was a blast and involved a lot of dancing, a lot of drinking, and didn’t end until long after the entire Curley family was sound asleep.

While we didn’t have time on this trip, I would like to go back to Puerto Rico and check out Vieques.  Next time……



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